Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Home sweet home!

Today Berlin and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary. It's is kind of funny to think that exactly 1 year ago I came flying to Berlin and today I did exactly the same! The only difference is that today I came from Stockholm Instead of Copenhagen. Cause this weekend I went to Sweden to be with friends.

Friday I arrived at Stockholm where I should couchsurf for the first time. I spend Friday night with my host and his friends, and we had so much fun, that I know for sure that I will try it again.
From the place I had a view to Åhlens, so I had to go there Saturday and luckily I found a pair of "Senfgelbe Strumpfhosen" that I have been looking for forever.

Then I met Aycha, and we went Shopping and drank coffee at a very cute cafe called "Louie Louie" that made me fell like it was the perfect end of a week with a Teitur concert.

We also went to Lidl were they sold lösgodis, which I think they should start doing in Germany to.
And Saturday night I took the train to Uppsala, where Simon was waiting for me at the station.
It was so nice to see him again and I had a really nice time there with him.
Sunday we made an advent wreath out of "trolldeg och lösgodis" and went to an advents gathering with some of Simon's friends.

Monday Simon showed me his school and Uppsala in the cold.

'They even had a TV tower just so I wouldn't get too homesick.

So what will I do tonight to celebrate the anniversary? I think I will eat falaffel and watch a movie to recover from a very exiting and fun weekend with too little sleep.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

One night with Teitur!

Last Night me and Angie went to see Teitur. I was very exited cause it was the first time I saw him live.
There was a really cute warm up band called BOY, that consisted of two German girl, who had a little trouble playing louder Acoustic Guitar than the Metal band playing upstairs. But it was good anyway.
I bought their EP, cause it was really nice music.

Teitur completely lived up to my expectations. It was a very nice concert, that even though it had a lot op long pauses, where the band had to tune their instruments and so, he managed to keep the audience attention although out the show, telling silly stories and making people laugh.
He tried to speak some German but found it to hard, and began speaking Danish but quickly turned into English again.
My favorite part was when he was totally alone on stage and sang, "The Singer" without any instruments. However I also really liked that he promised to e-mail a video he made at Deutsche Rundfunk " to everyone in the audience who gave him their mail address.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Today I purchased a new toy, a stamp kit! It wasn't only to play with, but so I can finish a project that I am working on. I have to admit I think it is kind of fun to fumble with the small letters.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dativ oder?

So tonight I started my German grammar class, and for the next month I will go there twice a week.
There are so many things I think I will never learn. Or maybe I will lean them, but forget them again. As long as I can just remember how to use them I will be glad.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Clothes Horse

I came across this really cute styleblog today, as I was surfing randomly. Just thought I woould share it.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Passing time!

Today I went to the cinema to see a "Orly", A french film that takes place in the Paris airport Orly. Not to much happened, but there was interesting moments and conversations in the movie. A great Sunday occupation.
For me this was also the ultimate language test. A French film with German subtitles.
But it went pretty well. I understood most and also leaned some new words.

After I biked to Arkonaplatz to go to Flohmarkt. I was looking for some stamps to a new project I am working on, this also has to do with moments.

I found numbers...
and could really resist buying this "Ich" stamp
even though I have no idea what to use it for.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Great expectations!

I am so exited. In 18 days I will get to see one of my favorite artists live. I can hardly wait.