Friday, 28 January 2011

I heart....

When I was leaving the studio today this was on the ground.

Icy cold!

Last night we had another performance. We showed the first film recognized as a documentary. About Nanouk and his Eskimo family. How they hunt to stay alive and how cold it was in Alaska.
I really liked the movie and although I was totally unprepared I think this is one of the best shows we did.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I just got the pictures from Israel developed and here are some of my favorites. They are so different from the digital ones i took and I really like the graininess. They make me wanna go back there.

Friday, 21 January 2011

To Transport Music In!

I somehow lost my I pod cover a long time ago. So finally last night I took the time to make a new one.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

So Much Too See, In So Little Time!

So now I am back from a week in Tel Aviv, with so many good memories in my backpack. It was an amazing city and amazing people.
Even thought it is also winter there it was great to escape a could and muddy Berlin for almost 20 degree.
We had so much fun with our Couchsurfing hosts. and just walking through the city, trying to get as much of it as possible.
We looked at the architecture.
the blue sky....
 the blue water....

and the sunset.

We went to the beach....

and walked along it with bare feet
It had cute little stores
bakery sales....

sun driven water boilers on all the rooftops...
and cute egg trays

At Shabbat.....
all the streets were empty.

We walked so much, and our feet were so soar.
I ate falaffel almost every day....
and had the best hummus of my life,
in a restaurant who didn't have anything else on the menu.
We also visited Jerusalem for a day....
Saw orthodox Jews....

and visited the church were Jesus is supposedly buried.

Last but not least. I had a little time to shop,
and bought some great fabric that I can't wait to use.
I also took some pictures with the analog camera, and I will publish them here too, as soon as they are developed.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Of To Israel!

In twelve hours this will be my view. See you in a week

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Weird Trailer Trash Story!

Every day on my way to work I pass Babylon Kino. Being one of the few cinemas in Berlin that actually have an interesting program and showing original language, it is surprising that I haven't been there before last night.
The film "Trash Humpers" by Harmony Korine was screened there as part of an American Independent film festival, and I wanted to see this film since November 2009. The small cinema was packed, people even sat in front of the front row. Claudia also decided to come along, because she is a fan of his. I am still not sure I understand everything that happened in this film, which is semi documentary. It was really weird, fun and unpleasant, and when I got home I had to see if I could find some information about it, that would made me understand it better. One of the things I did enjoy was the visual, which was this blurry VHS look, which made a nice contrast to all the modern "clean" movies.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!

Just like last year Berlin is in January changed into a jungle of Christmas trees left on the street.
It makes me want to go decorate them, because otherwise it really just looks sad.
They are everywhere, the pictures are just the ones I passed on the short way home from the coffee shop.

 O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
Wie treu sind deine Blätter.
Du grünst nicht nur zur Sommerzeit,
Nein auch im Winter wenn es schneit.
O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
Wie grün sind deine Blätter!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Whenever I Have A Moment!

Eva gave me the first season of "Mad Men" for Christmas. I havn't seen it before but heard a lot about it. And I have to admit that it has become my new guilty pleasure. I can almost not stop watching it. Although I right now have a lot of other stuff to do, I find myself taking every possible chance to watch an episode.
I love their Clothes, the way they talk to each other, men calling all female employees sweetheart, public smoking in offices, and drinking cognac doing lunch break.