Friday, 31 August 2012

Raum In Betrieb!

Yesterday evening I went to a Vernissage. This happens from time to time. Though the very special thing about this Vernissage was that I was a part of the exhibition that people came to see.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The main reason we went to Kassel was to see Dokumenta13. (A famous art festival taking place every 5 years)
We did indeed see a lot of art, and our feet were so soar in the end from walking around and standing still.
My favorites were without a doubt Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller's forest soundinstallation, which made me think that I was back in the 1600's. and Tino Segal's performance taking place in the dark. I don't have any pictures of either of them one being a soundinstallation the other being in the dark, but here are a bit of the other things that we saw.    

Gabriel Lester

A place to relax busy feet

Beehive head by Pierre Huyghe

Reflection Room by Marcos Lutyens, a room where every thing is reflected to make it look like a mirror. On the pictures it can really fool.

From the house of endangered animals made out of camouflage military outfits by Fiona Hall

Very impressive sewing workshop in wood by István Csákány


Pictures and text by Roman Ondák

A long impressive timeline done in magazine/newspaper clip outs by Geoffrey Farmer. I wish we would have had a bit more time to go through that, but we came right before closing and were told to go schnell durch

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunday, 26 August 2012


This last week I have been on a short travel together with Vincent. First Kassel then Leipzig.
It feels like a long time since I last travelled to somewhere new so even though it was short it was nice to have some new adventures. 
While living in Berlin I always talked about wanting to go out and see other parts of Germany and I never did, so I am glad that we now had a reason to do it.
I will tell more about the actual trip later but here is first some pictures from our beautiful train journey where the German landscape was passing by.

Reminiscing Days Of Heat!

After some days away it is nice to come back to Berlin and find that it is still sunny and summery. I picked up some pictures yesterday, which made me think back on last week where the weather was almost unbearably hot and not even ice cream could hold the temperature down. Berlin and it's parks somehow seemed emptied of people even in the weekend. Perhaps they were escaping to the shadowy forest and lakes around the city.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Monday, 20 August 2012

Let's Talk About The Weather!

The past couple of days it have been very warm. Especially today it felt slightly over the limit of what was bearable. Tomorrow it will be another day like this. I don't want the summer to end, but on the other hand I would prefer that it didn't continue like this.
It feels like we spends our lives complaining about the weather. If it is not cold then it's too hot. How is it that it can never be just right?
These days I take comfort in the fact that summery weather calls for summery food and cold drinks.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

DIY Done!

I have been coming in Vincents apartment for almost 18 months now and it wasn't until resently that I sat down on his old Berlin chair.

Maybe it has just always been covered with stuff when I have been around, or maybe I just found somewhere else to sit. I must say that it was less than a pleasant experience as the upholstery was old and itchy. So I proposed to change the cover. To be his personal DIY upholster.
Now my project has come to an end. I am very satisfied and I have to say also a bit jealouse that it is not going to be a part of a new home in London.
However I must say it goes very well with the rest of Vincents place. 

Half done

Final finish

The final result.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another Thing To Keep Me Going!

Between the other things I am doing I started a new little DIY project today. By the first look of it I can tell that it will be good.
Stay tuned and I will reveal the final result once I am done.

Something About My Week!

This week I have been busy working on an upcoming exhibition. At now it seems that everything is going as it should so I am yet without stress. Therefore I also had time to do some relaxation. After all I am on a kind of Holiday.

Had coffee with Tea

Vincent and I went to Vux to have some delicious Vegan cake!

Bought some flowers

Ate some flowers

Happy colors!

On the way to the Trödelmarkt i picked some flowers 

Vincent got some new plates

For the first time I attempted to do fruit tarts. I also did a salmon, broccoli quiche and was told by Vincent that I am now officially ready to become French.