Friday, 31 May 2013

From Last Fall!

This week has been super crazy with work. I spend long days at school trying to finish up various projects. Yesterday I spend most of the day in the dark room and afterwards by scanning negatives. One of the roles were from right when I moved into the English dream house last fall. I thought I would share some of them.
Hope you will have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Tour At The Degree Show!

Yesterday I went to see the degree show at my school with some classmates. We spend more the 4 hours going through the exhibition and saw a lot of great work but of cause also things that were less good. Here are some pictures of the ones I really like and the ones that made me laugh. I will let you figure out which is which. My absolute favorite were the four photographs hanging next to each other and another series made by the same guy. I was however also really in love with the playmobil picture and wallpaper.

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Day Of Pure Blue Sky!

On a beautiful day like this where it is bank holiday and most people have left town for the long weekend, I take a coffee while reading a book, riding my bike to school to see the Fine Art degree show, sit in the sun and read some more and go for a run in the Park before the sun disappears.
I didn't tale any pictures of this, have been feeling a bit uninspired in that area since my return to London. I hope I painted a nice picture with my words instead.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Return To London!

Now I am back in London and it more or less looks like itself.
The past couple of days I used to unpack my things and settle in. It feels a bit weird to be here again but also very familiar. The weather is behaving quite strange; one moment sun the next moment hail. Sky changes every few minute and is really beautiful but at the same time it is a bit depressing. I started reading an amazing book that I have had for almost a year. It is called "The Future of Nostalgia" and deals with questions about nostalgia and homesickness. Something which I am really interested in these days also in relation to my work. Turns out the term arose under the many European wars where soldiers who were placed thousand of miles from their home country suffered from what they called maladie du pays, and that it at that point actually was considered as a sickness. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Some last pictures from Nantes. I just love window reflections or when people put their window frames to good use.

Monday, 20 May 2013

4 Months of Nantes!

It is weird to think that I in the beginning of January got on a plane to go somewhere that I didn't knew at all, and fell completely in love with the place. It feels like so long ago and still it went by so fast. My idea of time is becoming more and more abstract these days.
I had no idea what to expect when I arrived and maybe that is why I had such a great time here in Nantes. The past 4 months has been fun, exiting, full of work, new people, leaning another language, great food and wine.
Later today I will get on a plane and leave this wonderful place that I will truly miss. I feel a bit melancholic about it in this moment, perhaps it is also the weather and the lack of people around the city. It is public holiday and as I was taking a last walk around the town it felt almost like a ghost town.
One thing I will miss besides all the nice people I met is listening to the french language, and feel that I am improving every single day. I hope that somehow I will be able to keep it up once I return.
The pictures above are some random photos I have taken during my stay here, including my last coffee today. Now I will see what awaits me in London, there is still one more month of school so luckily I know what to do.