Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Home Improvement no. 5

A little over two weeks ago, we were well on our way to start a larger renovation at home. Vincent was preparing the last things, before our house was taken over by outside workers.

It has been a stressful couple of weeks. It has shown me what a privilege it is, to have a house with running water and access to toilet and bath. It is possible to do without, but definately nicer to have it.

This weekend renovation was finally over. Although it only lasted two weeks it felt like a long time. We have reclaimed our privacy and are just now making the last brush-ups. Hopefully when we are all done, I can show you what it has become. I must say that I have never liked our place as much as I do right now.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Morning In Friedrichshain

Last weekend we had to leave our home overnight and went for a short "vacation" in Friedrichshain. It was nice waking up in a different neighborhood than usual.
An Empty Simon-Dach Strasse on the way to the bakery
My old front door
We spend a lot of time in the window of Aunt Benny, went to the market and had nice lunch. It is fun being on "vacation" in your own city.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Is... no. 14

Sunlight at the entrance of our building
Bushes starting to green
Spring you are my new favorite feeling
 Every time I pass this house I always look up and think how nice it looks
Vincent pointed out to me how nice the colours were here
Vincent is waiting in the sun
Love the red door
Turning a corner
Sometimes I dream of having a little garden-house like this
Yellow Easter flowers
Beautiful entrance with all the little windows in the door
Couldn't resist these little laughing people 
This entrance reminded me a bit of the brownstones in New York
We are still in Berlin
Another sign of spring
The first ice-cream of the year

Things are a bit chaotic at home at the moment. So even if today was cold, we decided to take a long walk in the outskirts of Berlin and enjoy the beautiful sunlight. It is always great to discover new corners in the city. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


From one amazing building complex to another.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the old Tempelhof terminals. Something I have wanted to do forever, but actually I never realized it was possible if not going to a fair or festival. Sometimes it is great to have visitors in town, then they can enlighten you of what is going on.

I've always found this building so impressive, whenever I have driven by. I think now even more. It is so interesting to visit a building with such a history. The fact that large parts of it is not in daily use anymore, makes it even more appealing. There is definitely a reason to hold on to it.

It was an amazing day to visit. Several times I had to say that I was really impressed by the breathtaking architecture. The sun really brought out the texture of the building and made the main terminal look even more dashing inside. It is hard to believe it only took five years to build this.

I would have loved taking a trip from the main terminal when it was still in use. I could easily imagine dressing up to go flying. I got a bit carried away taking pictures, I just could not help myself.