Thursday, 9 November 2017

Back in the Bread Business

After a bit of a bread drought, where my sourdough starter has been close to exhaustion several times since the beginning of the year, I am finally taking up baking again for real. I have done a bit of homework and am experimenting with some new techniques which seems to be paying off.

Of course I will not bore you with pictures of all the failed attempt - have to admit there were a few - but instead here are some pictures of the first really successful bread in a long time. There has been several after and I am still perfecting my technique and try to experiment with different durations for the fermentation and hydration.

My last obstacle is the gas oven, that does not really allow for the bread to get nice and golden on top without leaving the bottom side somewhat burned. Sadly this obstacle can only be defeated once we move away from this apartment, so I will settle for now and just enjoy the nice newfound fluffiness of my breads.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Dot Mugs

Pinterest is becoming a bit of an expensive habit. It is not difficult to find loads of things that I would love to buy for my home, knit for myself or Fleur, or ideas for additional house renovations.

Back in April, I ordered these mugs from Recreation Center and finally after four months of waiting a letter came letting me know they were waiting for me in the customs office.

Since then I have used them everyday to have my morning coffee. I am super happy with my new dot mugs, even if they took their time.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


My little lemon baby has turned 2 this year, and she is still happy and full of life. If she keeps growing with the same speed she might be double the size next year. 

There is something special about the kind of plant, where you planted the seed yourself, took care of it and saw it grow. The lemon is definitely one of my favourite plants amongst the one we have and it is funny to think, that once it was just a lemon in our fridge. 

I was recently told that lemons like this never bear fruits, but if this is true I hope it will at least have some flowers so we can enjoy a nice lemony smell in the kitchen. Though if it continues to grow like this we might have to relocate it to elsewhere in the apartment.  

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Colourful Körnerpark

On the last of the warm fall days, we went to Körnerpark to enjoy the sun and work up a little tan before winter hibernation. Now there are no more short sleeves and bare feet this year. Instead we are getting out the hot cacao and blankets so we can instead engage in some winter hygge.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Yellow Indian Summer

Last week, we had some exceptional warm fall days with up to 22 degrees. I was told this was due to a hurricane in Britain, that somehow pushed all the warmth our way. I will not complain, as I was already starting to get a little case of the blues now that we can't spend as much time outside.

Even though I love fall, I think we can all agree, that autumn is just nicer when the sun is shining. My usual nap-trip in the cemetery was a walk through rain of bright yellow leaves. Such a beautiful sight. I was thinking about how gathering all of these leaves must seem like an endless task for the people working there, but as soon as it starts raining they will turn into mud, so better remove them.

On days like this, I know why fall is my preferred season.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Helsingør is the city of Hamlet, of liquor stores and drunk Swedes and small alleyways and a shiny version of the little mermaid, apparently - can you find her?
It has this nice mix between very old merchant town and more modern parts. It is touristic yet sleepy.

Since my mum was on vacation we visited Helsingør on a weekday and took a stroll down the main shopping street and city square, had smørrebrød for lunch and went for a walk around Kronborg and the marina afterwards.

Another nice day with blue sky and sun to enjoy.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Allerød is where I grew up.

Now that I have to walk a daily trip, I had the chance to visit some places, that I have not been in years. On one walk we passed my old school, took some of the routes that I used to take frequently and saw places that have changed and others that have remained the same.

I was so lucky with the weather. Many told me, that there has not been good days like this since my last visit in June. I think out of the two weeks I was there, we only had one bad day. Otherwise it was mostly warm and sunny. The day before I left, the fall really took over.