Thursday, 23 February 2017

Baby Blanket

The past several months, in my quest to find nice ideas on baby knitting and crochet I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict. I stumbled upon this blanket, which inspired me to do something similar. I found it impossible to find a nice premade baby wool blanket, so I am happy that I could just knit one myself. This one in gather stitch is definitely not difficult to make. Anyone who knows basic knitting can do it.

In January, I bought this amazing wool from La La Berlin in collaboration with Lana Grossa. I really like the color mix, so when I saw it in the store amongst the many other bowls of yarn it was the obvious choice. Since I used big knitting needles, the blanket didn't require a lot of time. Anyway, I had lots of time to kill while in the hospital.

It sure is nice and comfy for Fleur to rest in.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Right now we have beautiful sunny weather in Berlin and on top, it is pretty warm and almost feels like spring.

A little mishap happened while it was still freezing outside. The fig plant that I bought 2 years ago on our holiday to Bornholm needed to be taken inside to be protected during the frosty nights. But as we don't have anywhere really cool inside to place it - the coolest place being the pantry, which is still at least 18 degrees - the fig plant thought spring had come early and started to sprout. Now it even produced its first fig, The plan was to put it back outside as soon as it got warmer, but now I think we need to keep it inside until summer arrives in Berlin.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sunny Schöneberg

Some weeks back, before Fleur arrived, Vincent and I went to Schöneberg to do some baby shopping. There is a cluster of different stores over there, so we thought it would make it a bit easier instead of running to places all over town.

I think I mentioned this before, but I always enjoy going to new places in Berlin with a specific purpose. It makes you take new streets and discover new sides of the city, that you otherwise wouldn't have found. This day we found this nice little French bakery with some really delicious pastry and bread.

It was a sunny and cold day, and Schöneberg - though bare and winterlike - presented itself at its best. After wandering for several hours we had lunch at Route 66 - a very American diner around Pariser Strasse.

In the end, we were exhausted. Who knew baby shopping would be so demanding? It makes me grateful that most things can be ordered online and shipped directly to your doorstep.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

An End to Life as We Knew It

My life is overflowing with beautiful flowers right now...

Last Sunday, on the 29th of January, our little girl saw the light of day. She was three weeks to early, but could not wait any longer.

I was happy to get it over with. In the end, I spend a week in the hospital before she came - as they discovered I suffered from per-eclampsia - which was an outlandish experience all together.

It was strange to go there and know that I probably would not be going back home before I had given birth. Our home all of a sudden became this foreign place, because I knew it would be completely different once I stepped in there with a newborn.

The hospital is such a weird place to be cooked up in. It feels like time stands completely still and it just becomes this vacuum. Days melt into each other between all the routines that needs to be done every day at certain times.

However, leaving the hospital was also with mixed feelings. It is a safe place in many ways, and it felt a bit scary to jump out and having to take care of everything on our own. Now that we are all home it is of cause super nice, and we are exited for how things will evolve with a new little person in the house.