Thursday, 25 October 2018

Paris 1

A month back, we went to Paris for a week to visit Vincents mom and introduce Fleur to the rest of the family. We came at just the right time and had great weather almost the entire week.

I had the change to spend an afternoon alone, trying to chase down some stuff for my winter wardrobe. Sadly I didn't really find anything, but it was still nice to take a stroll in the narrow streets and on the big boulevards in the city center.

Sunday, 7 October 2018


As part of our balcony garden, we also planted zucchini this year. It was not really because of the zucchini itself, if so we would have been terribly disappointed as we only managed to harvest one zucchini throughout the season. But we planted them so we could get to eat the tasty zucchini flowers because they are hard to come by here in Berlin, even at the farmers market.

And we had many flowers during June and July and they were as decorative as they were delicious. I love them filled with a ricotta mix, dipped in batter, and deep fried. It is a great summer dish. They certainly brightened up both our balcony and our dinner table this summer and perhaps they will be part of the seeds in next years balcony pot mixture.

Our balcony pots are looking rather sad right now that fall has really taken over, but there is still the occasional flower. Today we put some chestnuts in the soil so if we are lucky one of them will sprout sometime during the next couple of months.