Hi! I am Dorthe!

Here is a list of 11 things I love

- Start the day bright and early, although I am not a morning person.
- Drink great coffee while reading a good book.
- Learn a different language, however hard that may be.
- Bake and cook nice food, especially if I can get someone to eat it.
- Riding my Bicycle to discover new places.
- Taking Pictures with one of my many cameras.
- To walk down memory lane.
- Stockings in all kinds of bright colors especially shades of yellow.
- To listen, dance and sing along to music.
- To relax with any creative doings.
- Beautiful flowers, dead or alive.

I started this blog in 2009 - when I moved from Denmark to Berlin - so that my friends and family could keep up with my doings. Since then I've had a three-year stay in London, with a short break in France and now I am back in Berlin enjoying the German capital, my lovely home, and family.

This is my online journal.

Please contact me for any questions you may have.