Monday, 18 June 2012

An Experiment!

Some time ago I had a workshop about photography where our tutor said that it is possible to get the same look with a digital picture in photoshop as it is with analog photography. I must say I am quite sceptic but I though I give it a try.
I had these two very similar pictures from Brighton on from a film and one from my digital camera.

I'll let you be the judge if I did good or not.
I would like to know which one do you think is which?


  1. Hej Dorthe

    Jeg vil gerne komme med et bud. Jeg tror, det nederste er det analoge billede?


  2. HejDorthe
    Farverne paa det nederste viker mest virkelige, saa jeg tror det er det nederste billede der er analogt.
    Farverne er anderledes her paa Cypern, hvor vandet er turkis og varmen er uudholdelig 37 i skyggen.
    kh mor og Lrs