Tuesday, 30 April 2013


These days I am getting later out of bed than usual and I spend my afternoons walking through the streets of Berlin, reading in cafes while having a late coffee. Today I bough a little orange friend for the pot I found last week.

Last part of the gallery weekend went great (I might show more pictures) though it was very intense and afterwards we were both quite tired even though we didn't see everything we wanted to.

Time travels too fast. I wish I could put back the clock to last Friday when I arrived, there are still too many things I want to do and some I really don't wish to leave behind.

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Tale Of a Carrot Cake!

First time I attempted to make a carrot cake and it turned out really good. I used this recipe though omitted the pineapple and used extra carrot instead. Replaced the granulated sugar with grained coconut and pecans with walnuts. I also used a flower mixture of buckwheat and spelt instead of all purpose flower.
First time but not the last. 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gallery Weekend

So today we changed the spring/summer weather for a cold and rainy day and instead of hanging in the park we went to Berlin Gallery Weekend with a long list of things to see.
11.00 - A visit to "Dialogue Books", ended up purchasing another Roland Barthes book for my collection.  
11.43 - Coffee at Catie's crossing out first point on the list while flipping through my purchase.

12.35 - Pop-in at Gallery "Silberkuppe".  
12.50 - A visit to Motto bookshop

13.20 - "Mindpirates" Gallery where we saw two Chinese artists, Jin Shan & Ma Ke

13.45 - Quick look at the 1 euro bookshop, without success.
14.00 - A tour at the "Arthur de Ganay Fotosammlung".
16.30 - A much needed lunch

17.10 - Voodoo dolls at "Nature Morte Berlin"

17.30 - Great sound installation by Carsten Nicolai at "Eigen+Art"

18.15 - Spontaneous visit to Paradise.

18.40 - Somewhere near Nordbahnhof, where a man smiling insisted that taking a picture of this wall was "nicht kostenlos".

19.30 - Went to see some familiar faces, here Beatriz Crespo.

22.30 - Rested our very tired feet while getting a drink on the way back home.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Time Flies...

The past days have been...

Summery breakfast

Pretzel baking

A trip to Charlottenburg

Spring flowers in blooms

A walk in the sun

Chili con carne

Colored sleepers

Homemade quiche

Open doors

Another purchase I could not resist

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Colorful City!

I guess what the say about old love never dying is true. At least maybe for cities. Berlin is once again beautiful, sunny and full of new impressions. Spend the weekend relaxing, walking around, eating and drinking coffee in some of the favorite spots. 

Friday, 19 April 2013

Rain and Spring!

Our century lawn is reserved for small birds (Public access prohibited)  

On benefit of all the rain in Nantes is that everything always look lush and fresh, which is somehow not too bad. These pictures are from last week and the rain has stopped and now it is in fact really spring like.
Today spring break is starting and I will be spending the time in Berlin with Vincent. I am really looking forward to going there again after 6 months of absent. To see all my friends and enjoy spring, not to mention a much needed soya cappuccino. (As much as I enjoy my time in Nantes the French really lack good coffee culture.)