Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wanås Konst

And so a holiday began.

My father, Vincent and I went for a week into the danish summer landscape and had a great time with lots of new experiences, which I of cause will tell all about later.

But first we took a little detour over Sweden to visit Wanås Konst. A park full of artistic installations near Kristiansstadt. A place I have wanted to go for quite some years now.

It was a great day for visiting; warm and sunny. We spend some hours walking around the park and could easily have used more time, if it wasn't because we had to catch a ferry. There were so many things to see and listen to. We got lost listening to Janet Cardiff, but found our way back again to the café, where we had the first fish-lunch of many.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Last time I was in London I spend a night at Roberta's. Her place is very homey and interesting, cause there is so many colours, chaos, details and (dust)bunnies.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

July Instagram Recap

Time goes so fast, and it feels like I am later and later in posting my monthly Instagram recaps. Almost half of August have past, but here is a little recap from July.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Home Baking

I am having so much fun with sourdough at the moment. Since I have dropped all sugary cake for the moment, I had to find something else to bake. I managed to make a really good potent starter and am now using it as base for all the bread we eat at home.

Emilie from The Clever Carrot had written this really good and easy to follow tutorial on how to make the perfect sourdough bread, and since I started doing my bread this way it has become really interesting and fun. I have been making many spelt and rye breads over the past month, buns and pizza all with sourdough.

At the moment I am in the process of trying to adapt some standard yeast recipes til only using sourdough and my first try, where I made a brioche dough, was quite successful (I had to Frenchmen test it out). It lacked of cause the traditional shape, since I don't posses a brioche baking form, and it could have been a little more light in the texture, but a very good starting point to go from.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Thai Market

Something I wanted to do for a while, is to try the Wilmersdorf Sunday Thai Market, where food is prepared on the spot and there is a feeling of real eating out picnic.

So one Sunday not so long ago we took the train to Wilmersdorf, where we first went for a walk to see a bit the area. Then we visited the flea market at Fehrberliner Platz, where we bought Risk for the affordable price of one euro. And then we spend a couple of hours in the sun snacking on good and spicy Thai food with a lot of other people. A really nice new Berlin experience. It won't be the last time we go there for sure.