Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 a Recap

I fell like 2014 has gone by pretty fast. So many exiting things has happened. It has been a hard working year, but also one of many social activities. Here I will try to make a brief recap of small and big moments.

In January I was busy putting the final touch on my dissertation.
Then in February I took a bit of time off to go to Budapest and visit Mellie, 
 who lived in a lovely old apartment.
From Budapest I went straight to Berlin for a couple of days, where the spring was already on its way.
 And then we took a one day trip to Oxford once I was back in London.
 In March I put all my thoughts behind my final project into action.
 Whilst spring hit London.
 In the end of the month I invited some friends over for a fun day of Champagne brunch.
 And the next day we took off to New York to visit my friend Helle.
That trip went into April and when I got back it was time to get serious, so I spend most of April working inside, while outside the weather was beautiful.
I did have time for an occasional meet-up with a friend over coffee.
 In May we finally had our degree show
 and I could relax while my parents visited
 and everything was green.
In June I had time to work on some stuff in the bindery
 and hang out with friends in Victoria park.
 I kicked of the World Cup at Roberta's with the Brazilian national dish and good company
 and I decided to invite people over for another Champagne brunch.
Sarah invited me to come with her to Whitstable. It was lovely to see a little bit more of England before moving away.
 I had my last sad day at the bindery.
 And said goodbye to London on a very beautiful summer day.
In July, Vincent and I celebrated that we moved in together after three years apart.
 And then I took a short trip to Denmark to visit my family.
 When I came back we started our renovation project of the second room.
 But we had to take a break while a furry friend visited.
In August I had a goodbye dinner with Teal and Elisabeth before splitting up for travel.
I went to sunny Sicily.
 Here there was time to relax and read a good book
 but also to look around in the city.
After returning from Sicily, Claus and Emilie got married and had an amazing party with family and friends.
 And then after almost three weeks away, it was time to return to Berlin and finish our home project.
I still had to work a bit in the kitchen, while Vincent was building a desk for us.
 I had time to visit Claudia at her studio
 and spend an afternoon with Ulla who tacked along when her friends ran the Berlin Marathon.
September ended on a beautiful warm day together with friends at my first mushroom hunt.
In October we drove a van to Denmark to pick up all of my stuff. So for a while our place looked like this.
After getting everything organized I went shortly to London to finish some things,
 visit a couple of friends and their plants
 and of cause the bindery.
 It was nice to return to a home, where everything I owned now was gathered.
For most of October and November we enjoyed the warm and sunny days.
 And then we went for a walk to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall.
We ended the month on a cold but rather sunny day in Licthenberg, where we took a trip to see the Dong Xuan Center.
And then it was quickly December. Of cause with a lot of hygge,
 Christmas markets,
 fake snow
 and seasonal cooking.
And our books finally got a home instead of the floor.
  I showed Vincent hidden gems in Copenhagen.
And as you probably guess then the holidays came.  

For once I had decided to do something for New Years Eve. Vincent and I celebrated with some friends in Copenhagen. I hope you all enjoyed your evening. 

Wish you a happy new year and a great 2015.