Monday, 30 July 2012

Early Birds!

This morning we took an early stroll to the bakery to get some french breakfast. Afterwards we walked to the supermarket to shop for dinner. It was quite nice being out in the early morning breeze with only a few people on the street.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Hot Days In The City!

If I have to be honest I am a bit annoyed that the weather didn't show itself from this side while I was still in Denmark. Cause it seams a bit unfair on days like this to be trapped in a city several hundred kilometers away from the beautiful and fresh sea.
Berlin is not the worst place to be and I try to keep could be eating ice lollies, nice summer food and drinking my coffee in the shadow.

I still have a lot of summer reading to do.

But there is also time for meeting up with friends to have lunch

My new office aka. Vincents Kitchen

More reading and coffee

Cold gaspazio matching the chair

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Festival Memories!

I promissed to post some more photos from Roskilde when I got them developed. I picked the films up today and here are some of my favorites out of the many I took.


It wouldn't be possible to survive Roskilde without Coffee!

 A Bruce Fan!

 Sunday morning and an empty festival!

 Playing "Ludo"

The Writings On The Wall!

 Roskilde shoes

Monday, 23 July 2012

Je Peux Passer Tous Les Jours Comme Ça!

One of the perks of being on holidays is that I can take my books and go anywhere I want to do my studies. Which is especially good on days where the weather is like it is now. Today I was trying to improve my French in the shadow of a tree with some help from Vincent.

Ich wünsche mir das jeden tag könnte wie heute sein!

Summer feet

The sun reflecting on the wallpaper
The Sun reflecting in the sky