Saturday, 5 January 2019

White Christmas

Happy New Year to everyone who still find their way to this blog from time to time. I haven't been the best blogger for the past couple of years and it seems more and more like I blog only about what I did months ago rather than right now. I have thought about ending my time as a blogger, but truth of the matter is that it's probably one of the only things that still keeps me taking photographs - even though many of them never make their way to this platform - and it's nice with so many photos to peruse when I feel like taking a walk down memory lane sometimes. So I'll continue for a while and see what time brings.

We had a lovely Christmas in Denmark and were so lucky to have a local white Christmas this year. The snow fell perfectly timed on the 22nd and 23rd. When I woke up on the 25th it was all gone. Vincent and I went for a walk on the 24th while Fleur was sleeping and the food was on the stove. It's been some years since we last walked in the snowy forest and it was nice to feel the crisp fresh air and have a bit of exercise before all the food.

Normally we don't really celebrate New Years eve, I find that the change between years is often overrated and these parties always end up disappointing. But this year we got a spontaneous and quite random dinner invitation and had the chance to spend the evening among brand new people without any expectations and ended up having such a nice evening with good food, champagne, talks, games and fireworks. It was a great entrance to this new year, that I hope will bring as many wonderful memories as the previous one. I wish for better health for our family in the wintertime, and already I look forward to spring.

Happy New Year.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland right outside the window. I was surprised to see that it had snowed during the night, but somehow really happy. It is exiting to show Fleur another aspect of nature, even if we were in the snow last year, she understands it so much more this year. Now she already had her first creaky walk through the snow and threw her first snowball. I hope the snow will stay for the next couple of days so that we'll have a white Christmas this year.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

A bit of Julehygge

The majority of December was spend being sick. In fact I think at least one person in our household has been sick every day of this month. Still I managed to sneak in a bit of Christmas hygge in those tiny windows of well being.

This year, I decided to try and bake spekulatius cookies and the first batch turned out really well. As always I made lussebullar for Lucia. Christmas and my urge to bake are somehow closely connected and this year I had a little helper by my side. (Wonder if she was trying to draw Santa on the table)

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Knitting Craze

It's the time of year, where I start getting down to the K'nitty-gritty. Now that I have someone in the house who needs an ever changing garderobe it's easy to find new cute mini projects, that I can spend my precious evenings on.

This year I almost didn't manage to take a break in the knitting, there has been constant new inspiration and yarn that I want to use. So far I did this read cardigan, a pattern from Hoppestrik and from yarn that I bought last year on the Boxhagener Saturday food market. Turned out that there was not enough yarn, so I ended up having to order some more online and got caught by another interesting yarn on the website, so I thought, "why not?" I have wanted to make this adorable chunky sweater from Knitting for Olive ever since I found it on Pinterest while I was pregnant. Which didn't take long knitting on size 7 needles. And while I was at it and had some extra yarn to spare, I decided to make a small cardigan for Esmeralda as well, so she wouldn't go chilly through the winter.

I though that was it for now, but apparently I am unstoppable this year. I already started another sweater, but this time with many colors for the summer, so there is something to look forward to.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Tale of an Acorn

Back when we could still wear short sleeved t-shirts outside, we spend some afternoons gathering acorns nearby.

I read that it's possible to make acorn flour and thought, why not? It's been a while since I indulged a completely unnecessary experiment.

When I say we spend a couple afternoons, it was because I made the rookie mistake of picking the green acorns instead of the brown. After we spend some hours de-shelling the acorns we gathered that day, we found out that we needed to use the brown ones and had to with a couple off weeks before we went back.

Acorns need to go through quite a long process before you can actually eat them. They contain a lot of tannin, and I am sure you could get a mean stomach ache, if you ate them unprocessed. First they need to boil, then you need to dry them (I did this in the oven), and to make flour you obviously need to mill the dried acorn pieces (or as I did: use a very good food processor). After all this work, we ended up with around 250 g of flour, which doesn't sound of much, but it was enough to make a couple of batches of acorn cookie during the fall. I used a normal short bread recipe and replaced half the normal flour with our the acorn flour.

I was wondering if the taste would be worth all the work, and even though it is not the best cookie I've ever had in my life, it was really unlike anything I ever tried - not at all bad, but very sweet. So I won't reject that I would go through the same laboursome process when next years fall when the ground once again will fill up with acorn en masse.