Thursday, 29 August 2013

Berries and Cherries!

One of the perks of living where my aunt does, is that she is the direct neighbor of on old fruit farm that is not in use anymore. Each summer and fall the people who own it invite friends to come and have some of all the fruit and there is always something to pick. Usually in midsummer it is sweet cherries, where we eat until our stomachs are soar and this time it was sour cherries and blackberries.
The place is a bit like a jungle so we needed to wear proper boots and clothes, and for a hot August day it was slightly too warm.  But after a couple of hours we had gathered enough of both and could continue preparing for jam-making etc.
There is something about that kind of manual labor that is really soothing and relaxing for the soul.

Nettles everywhere.

Getting caught by a blackberry branch.

Bloody work of removing the stones, so we can make cherry sauce for Christmas

Soar blackberry arms.

Jam for all the friends and family

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