Monday, 21 December 2015

Day In The City

Christmas is approaching and so in order to sort the last couple of Christmas presents and visit some galleries while in Denmark, we went to Copenhagen this Friday. We spend the first hour running in vain since it seems that all the good book stores in Copenhagen are closing. Such a shame.

Afterwards we sat down at Democratic Coffee to get some strength to handle the chaos of the many people in the city. Luckily the Galleries were free of the masses. I didn't take any pictures in the galleries we visited, but I can warmly recommend the current exhibition at Gl. Strand Kunstforening with Artist Niels Pugholm. It was very impressive and I could have spend many hours in there reading the many texts on the walls. They were both fun and interesting. (But only if you can understand Danish.)

Then we went to Nørrebro, as I wanted to try Grød for lunch. Though their interpretation of grød is quite wide, it shows that it is possible to do other thing than plans porridge. Quite a nice cookbook too. And then on the way back to meet a friend we stumbled upon a lovely little cacti store. With so many cute small and big cacti and succulents and beautiful ceramics. I wanted to take them all home.

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