Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Tale Of Fastelavnsboller

It has been a couple of weeks since it was Fastelavn, but I just came around to work on these pictures now. As you may have already read, I made fastelavnsboller, or at least my own interpretation of these. From back home I know two different kinds. One is a bun with creme-filling, the other a pastry with a lot more cream-filling. I decided to combine these two in one and attempt choux for the first time. After that decision I also found this recipe that I thought looked amazing. All of a sudden I felt compelled to try out both.

First one - the bun with the cheese and berries - I started a couple of days before, because I adapted the recipe to sourdough. With sourdough the process always takes a bit longer, but I am still amazed every time I am standing with a dough that has risen without any added chemical our yeast. And as I am trying to experiment more and more, it gets to be more and more fun. Earlier I used to hate doing bready dough, but now it has become one of my favorite kitchen activities.

As already mentioned I was trying "choux" out for the first time, and although the dough was fairly easy to do, I think I need to practice using the pastry bag a couple more times before getting it right. My choux turned out rather uneven and in all shapes and sizes. But the taste of coffee and raspberry filling was good, and I don't think anyone would complain if I started practicing more regularly until I have the shape right.

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