Thursday, 16 June 2016

Vacation - Part 1

For the past 11 days, I spent some of my summer holiday with Vincent in lovely France. It has been great. First part of our vacation we drove around the area of Champagne, visiting vineyards and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

These are pictures from Épernay, which we visited on my birthday (a Sunday). A town that I quite liked even though it was small enough that all the bakeries would close around 2. At this point we were still strolling around town and checking out all the impressive houses at Rue de Champagne, where some of the major Champagne producers have tasting houses. So no birthday cake for me this year. (have to admit, I didn't miss out on pastry in the end)

One of the thing I found really charming was that right where the town ended, you would go straight into the vineyards. Afterwards, we drove around the area, but more about that later.

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