Monday, 8 May 2017

Maternity Visitors

For the past three months we have had so many visitors at our place. They all wanted to welcome little Fleur into the world. They have come from near and far and the ones that couldn't make it all the way to Berlin have send greetings and good wishes. Fleur has been showered with lots of things like baby clothes, toys and books, and our home has never before been adorned with this many flowers. It is amazing how a little baby can create so much joy just by being present.

Another amazing side effect: some people I lost touch with got back in contact after learning about the news on this blog, so Fleur has also re-connected old friends, which I am very grateful for.

We still expect some people who has not made it here so far. Just this weekend Pauline will come from London to visit, and we can look forward to more visitors over the summer.

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