Thursday, 9 November 2017

Back in the Bread Business

After a bit of a bread drought, where my sourdough starter has been close to exhaustion several times since the beginning of the year, I am finally taking up baking again for real. I have done a bit of homework and am experimenting with some new techniques which seems to be paying off.

Of course I will not bore you with pictures of all the failed attempt - have to admit there were a few - but instead here are some pictures of the first really successful bread in a long time. There has been several after and I am still perfecting my technique and try to experiment with different durations for the fermentation and hydration.

My last obstacle is the gas oven, that does not really allow for the bread to get nice and golden on top without leaving the bottom side somewhat burned. Sadly this obstacle can only be defeated once we move away from this apartment, so I will settle for now and just enjoy the nice newfound fluffiness of my breads.

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