Thursday, 7 March 2013


One of the things that I have been told I should go an visit while being in Nantes was Trentemoult. It is the cutest place I have been for a very long time. One thing is the many great colors another is that the houses are so closely build and I felt like we were walking in people's private back yards. Many of the houses are painted bright but it almost feels that there exist some kind of unwritten rule that if a color appear like moss, rust etc. it can't be removed. Patina is aloud to grow and it is really beautiful.
I have to say that the place reaches the top of cuteness but I have no problem with that. I wanted to take pictures of everything. We had fun for a couple of hours there walking around and petting some of the many cats in the city and it was nice to go on a quiet day with not to many other people who came with the same purpose as us.

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