Thursday, 20 March 2014


Spike Jonze's Her has breathtaking cinematic, beautiful colour play, fantastic styling; basically it is one beautiful scene taking over by another. Cute as hell, but conversation wise I though it played a lot on overly romantic - trying to be profound - clichés, which in the end dragged the overall plot down for me. 

Though the film does raise important questions about where we as society and individuals are headed.

How to cure loneliness in modern days? It is simple. Rather than spending time with real people in anxiety of another emotional letdown, I rather hang out with my virtual significant other, who pleases me in every way. My confident, the intimate one, who I share all the major and insignificant moments with; my best friend, who I don't have to fear walks away, because unlike real people, it isn't connected to a physical body. But then what happens when this "person" all of a sudden develops a mind of it's own, an idea of who it want's to be and attempt to be something that it is not?

All in all I really enjoyed watching this film, and would definitely recommend go seeing it, for nothing else, then at least for the beautiful imagery.

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