Thursday, 6 March 2014


Yesterday I went to see Nymphomaniac for the second time. 

Some people may think that I am a maniac for using another four hours in the cinema on this movie, but I still really love it. If you have not yet been to see it, I can only tell you to hurry up and go. 

Many has said to me that they feel they need to be in a special mood to endure Triers melodramatic films, but unlike the last couple (Antichrist and Melancholia) this one is still thought-provoking yet contains a lot of this absurd humor that we know from Riget (Kingdom Hospital), The Idiots and The Boss of It All, that gives it a lightness. The mix with short chapters in an overall narrated story keeps a constantly interesting dynamic, and I have to say that I was for the second time never bored throughout the whole film.

I feel I could easily go and see it again as there is so much information, so much to think about and so many great scenes with beautiful cinematic. Funny enough I can't wait to, at one point, see the uncut five and a half hour version.

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