Friday, 3 October 2014

Mushroom Hunt!

Last Sunday we went to Grunewald with John and Lisa too see if we could find any mushrooms. I felt a bit like a lonely wuss before we went. I as the only one didn't feel up for eating our findings, since I don't know much about mushrooms. I was happy to discover that after a day in the forest no one else was really feeling like eating any kind of mushroom dish, we were all to unsure about what we found. If you are not sure, better not jinx it.

In the end we still had a lovely day in the forest, and hunting for mushrooms can be fun, regardless of the outcome. One thing I learned is that when in a group of people in the bushes, close to the ground, looking for mushrooms, bright cloths is actually a plus. It makes it a lot less easy to get lost from each other. 

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