Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A House on Bornholm

One week in Bornholm. That was all we had. But it was a great week with so many wonderful experiences and so much delicious food. It was very peaceful there and now being back, Berlin seems quite loud in comparison.

We stayed in a little summerhouse with a great view and direct access to the sea. There was a serious wild life in the garden. Deers came to visit, we had daily intertainment from two wild rabbits and pheasants also passed from time to time.

We arrived just in time for wild berry season, and each morning I went out to pick fresh berries for my breakfast. I even encountered a new berry that I never head off or saw before: The dewberry, which was also quite tasty. I brought sourdough and had time to do some baking, so my dad and Vincent could wake up to fresh baked buns, and each evening we had delicious smoked fish (the island specialty) and homemade cheesecake.

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