Sunday, 13 March 2016


My desk is not the only place that feels like spring at the moment. We have had a couple of really nice days here in Berlin and last weekend we bought soil for a session of serious re-potting.

We also got a very beautiful but most fragile cactus at the store. I manage to make it fall apart before I even re-potted it. I stuck the mini cacti into the soil in a second pot. Hopefully if they will make it.

The many red plants originally all came from one plant. One that I brought with me from London when I moved. It used to be in the window of my favorite café, and they sometimes cut it and sold the stems for one pound a piece. Since this plant grew as tall as a meter, but a couple of month ago we got an infestation of worms in the soil – one that we have fough against for the past year, and which sadly caused us to get rid of many green friends. Luckily this plant is so forgiving, so we decided to get rid of the soil and put all the stems into water, so they could grow roots. Now this plant is spreading to all over Berlin, as I am handing them out to all of our friends. Hopefully when their's get big enough they will share them too.

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