Saturday, 4 February 2017

An End to Life as We Knew It

My life is overflowing with beautiful flowers right now...

Last Sunday, on the 29th of January, our little girl saw the light of day. She was three weeks to early, but could not wait any longer.

I was happy to get it over with. In the end, I spend a week in the hospital before she came - as they discovered I suffered from per-eclampsia - which was an outlandish experience all together.

It was strange to go there and know that I probably would not be going back home before I had given birth. Our home all of a sudden became this foreign place, because I knew it would be completely different once I stepped in there with a newborn.

The hospital is such a weird place to be cooked up in. It feels like time stands completely still and it just becomes this vacuum. Days melt into each other between all the routines that needs to be done every day at certain times.

However, leaving the hospital was also with mixed feelings. It is a safe place in many ways, and it felt a bit scary to jump out and having to take care of everything on our own. Now that we are all home it is of cause super nice, and we are exited for how things will evolve with a new little person in the house.

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