Thursday, 23 February 2017

Baby Blanket

The past several months, in my quest to find nice ideas on baby knitting and crochet I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict. I stumbled upon this blanket, which inspired me to do something similar. I found it impossible to find a nice premade baby wool blanket, so I am happy that I could just knit one myself. This one in gather stitch is definitely not difficult to make. Anyone who knows basic knitting can do it.

In January, I bought this amazing wool from La La Berlin in collaboration with Lana Grossa. I really like the color mix, so when I saw it in the store amongst the many other bowls of yarn it was the obvious choice. Since I used big knitting needles, the blanket didn't require a lot of time. Anyway, I had lots of time to kill while in the hospital.

It sure is nice and comfy for Fleur to rest in.

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