Saturday, 30 October 2010

How we party in Germany!

One of the things I find really interesting about Berlin is that it seams like people have a very low tolerance towards noise. All bars close their windows and stop serving outside past a certain point, otherwise they know that the neighbors are gonna call the police.

Last night Aycha and me arrived at a house party a little past 11 pm. And before I even got to get my drink came 3 policemen.
We all thought they just came to tell us to keep it down, but after talking a little with the host they decided to close the party. Shortly after came what I would consider a minor SWAT team to make sure that everyone got out. I think there were almost as many policemen as there were guests.
To think that the police has nothing better to do than to end a house party half past eleven on a Friday night. I guess it means that we are blessed with a low crime rate. Or??

Aycha and SWAT team
4 big police cars outside

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