Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Obsessive Dots and Airplanes!

Today me and Vincent went to Tate Modern to see the Giraf aka. Kusama. So I wore my dotted cardigan and felt like a little Japanese schoolgirl with my backpack.

I have to say what was most impressive was her "Infinity Mirrored Room" where we could see ourselves into infinity surrounded by billions of glowing dots changing colors every fifth second.

The best unexpected part was Alighiero Boetti who's exhibition just opened today. Much less crowded, but much more interesting. His work was quite versatile but also really obsessive in a way. I think it spoke to me because of his use of words and his interest in process and travel of letters. I found his blue komma pictures all painted with a buro pen really impressive, and couldn't help but think how much labor went into each piece. Those I wouldn't mind to have hanging on my wall.

 At the end we rested our tired legs by watching Tacita Dean's film in the grand Turbine Hall.

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