Sunday, 1 July 2012

Last Days In London!

So today I kissed London goodbye and said hallo to Denmark. I've been quite busy the past couple of days, not only because I had to clean out the apartment, but also because I have been saying goodbye to some friends and enjoyed a lot of eating out.
Thursday I went to Railroad to have a nice goodbye brunch with Michael, who sadly will be going home to Australia before I'll be back in fall.
As always the coffee was good and for the first time I tried the food there.
Thursday was the warmest day of the yeah and Ice coffee seemed more appropriate, but this one was really cute.
Everytime I am at Railroad my eyes fancy a piece of the rosewater pistachio cake, I am yet to try it. It is nice to have something to come back to.

Friday after handing over the keys I went to a yet unexplored part of London. Earls Court where I went for a walk in Old Brompton Cemetery and after  walked to south Kensington where I caught a bus to the center and visited a couple of galleries. Then I headed back to Man's apartment where I was spending my last night in town.

This morning we went to St. Ali to get some great brunch and nice strong coffee. It was needed after all the running around and lack of sleep the past couple of days.

and just before I said goodbye I had to go for one last great London coffee. I shall miss them for the next couple of months.

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