Sunday, 19 May 2013

Le Dernière Week-end à Nantes!

This has been my last weekend in Nantes, and I must admit it feels very sad. I had such a nice time here in France that it is hard to have to pack my suitcase and return to London. I spend this weekend doing a lot of lasts.
Friday the weather was really beautiful and summer like. There was only one cloud in the sky and it looked like this, but unfortunately that didn't last beyond midnight.
As you already know I went to Rezé Saturday but also had time for a visit at the closest flea market and have one last coffee at Le Cercle Rouge. I have just finished reading my first novel in French and started a new one. I am bringing 12 kilos of books back to London, and I am not quite sure when I will have time for all that reading.
Today I visited Talansac: The closest market to my place. It is something I really am going to miss: The French food markeds and actually the French food in general. I am also putting some French specialties in my suitcase along with all the books.
After I went to do something I have wanted to do forever but kept procrastinating. I walked to the other far end of Nantes to take pictures of this abandoned Ice factory.

"Neighbor like yourself"

On the way home I passed Le lieu Unique which is also in a great old factory building
And at the end I went to see Manon make a performance, where she made a fantastic cake landscape that we all got to eat at the end.
Hope you all had a nice weekend too.

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