Friday, 24 May 2013

Return To London!

Now I am back in London and it more or less looks like itself.
The past couple of days I used to unpack my things and settle in. It feels a bit weird to be here again but also very familiar. The weather is behaving quite strange; one moment sun the next moment hail. Sky changes every few minute and is really beautiful but at the same time it is a bit depressing. I started reading an amazing book that I have had for almost a year. It is called "The Future of Nostalgia" and deals with questions about nostalgia and homesickness. Something which I am really interested in these days also in relation to my work. Turns out the term arose under the many European wars where soldiers who were placed thousand of miles from their home country suffered from what they called maladie du pays, and that it at that point actually was considered as a sickness. 

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