Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday is... no. 8!

A beautiful sunrise seen through damp windows

Pancakes and blackbarries

Leaves beginning to fall

Hiding at Espressohut while the rain is reigning outside.

It is the time of year in London where the humidity starts to creep inside the house in invade the windows with water in the morning so it can be difficult to see what's outside. This means that fall has come and there is no way back.
My days resemble one another these days while I am waiting for school to start again. I get up, read, work, eat, walk, read, work, relax, run, eat more, relax, work, watch a movie, read, go to bed.
Today instead of a book I took my knitting to Espresohut and ended up chatting to a random fellow coffee lover while enjoying my cappuccino and brownie. Sometimes it is nice experiencing the word behind knitting needles instead of sticking my nose deep into a book.

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