Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Speaking about New Years Resolutions.

This morning when I took an early walk through the almost empty streets of Berlin I noticed something new on one of my favorite walls and I wondered if it could be someones new years resolution written there in blue and yellow.
It made me think about my own new years resolutions. Not that I really have any, or remember if I had any for this year. If I did I am sure I did not fulfill them. Two years ago my resolution was to restart making my own humus, which I did. I like to keep things simple; stick to something that is manageable. The best resolution I ever had, was to give a compliment to someone else every day, because that was something that made both me and others happy.
For this year I have not had time to think about resolutions, but I have many hopes for the year to come. Many of which I shall not reveal right now, but one thing I can say is that first of all I hope that the last six months I will spend in London are gonna be great, exiting, busy and unforgettable.

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