Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Tale of A Galette Des Rois Frangipane!

This is the time of year where the French bakeries are full of the amazingly delicious seasonal pastry Galette des Rois, which is made to celebrate the Epiphany holiday. Unlike last January I am not in France, which calls for new culinary challenges. I was a bit nervous for how the dough would turn out; It is a quite time consuming task and difficult to succed with, but in the end it turned out great and was approved by two Frenchmen.

First Flour, water and a bit of salt.
After a beating the dough is set and need to be cut with a cross and rest for 30 minutes in a cold place.
Then it is ready for its first round of folding.
First spread out the corners of the cross,
then a lot of butter is added
and then wrapped
until you have a little package.
Then it is time for the first and roll.
and then folding.
This is a process which is repeated several times with an half hour interval.
Here is the last roll.
And finger print to mark how many times it has been folded.
Then the dough is finally ready
and the frangipane filling is added.
Not to forget a little thing inside to determine who will be the king.
and it is closed of
and brushed with egg to make it golden.
and whoopti out of the oven. (a bit exploded in one side)
and ready to eat. Bon Appetit.

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