Saturday, 5 January 2013

A New Years Resolution Or Two?

The other day I was talking to Vincent about New Years resolutions and expectations for the New Year. I hadn't really though about anything until we started discussing it. Last year I made the resolution to start making my own hummus again after having had a lazy fall with ready made hummus from Tesco, and I have managed to do that. I can't remember if I did have another than that. I also don't remember what I expected of 2012 or what things I wanted to do, so I guess I am pretty satisfied with how things turned out now I have nothing to compare it with.
I don't really believe that much in making resolutions but one yeah I made one; to each day give a compliment to comeone else, which was actually nice cause it made me better at giving compliments and also made other people happy. So I thought that maybe the best New Years resolution is not about things you should do for yourself but what you could do for the people you care about. Sometimes it is even easier to do things for others than ourselves. I guess there is enough that could be added to that list and I still have to think about what I could do. But after having a think about it I decided that at least one resolution should be to try and procrastinate less. As for my plans and hopes for 2013. Hmm...
It seems a bit silly to say that I hope that it will be a good year and that I will have a nice time in France and hopefully get much better at talking French, but those are the things that are occupying my mind right now.
I know for sure that I will have to say goodbye to my friend Man as he has to leave London before I come back, and it is always sad to part. On the other hand it might give me the opportunity to visit him somewhere else at one point and travel to somewhere new is always exiting.
Here are a couple of random pictures that I took around the days of New Year.

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