Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Much Desired Present!

When people asked me what I was wishing for up to my birthday I answered that I didn't really wish for anything, but I guess there is always something to wish for and actually I have had this wish in mind for the past couple of years.
So my 30. birthday gift from my family was this beautiful, old, robust and very very heavy Mamiya medium format camera that I am certain I will come to love.
This afternoon I already took it for a walk around the block, in order to try out its capabilities, though it is not really a hand camera that I would wish to carry around for too long. So I am sure I will mostly use it for studio work and planned ahead field shooting.
I am dreading a bit the weight I have to carry next week when I take the plane to Denmark, I think it is my lot in life to have a heavy bag, but I really can't wait to test out some of my ideas over the summer.

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