Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Heart Collection no.44-52!

The world must be swarming with couples in love or newly weds. In the past two weeks I have found so many hearts on the streets that I haven't even had time to post one before finding the other. So now you get them all as one big cluster of hearts.

No. 44

No. 45

No. 46 from a Saturday in Nice. Must have been lots of church bells ringing that day.

No. 47 from that same Saturday in Nice

No. 48 This one though it can't be seen had a little picture of the Eiffel tour and said Paris

No. 49 In front of Hackney Town hall

No. 50+51 Also found in front of Hackney Town hall, here you can actually see two different.

No. 52 Latest one which I found today going back home from Tesco.

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