Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Coffee Walk!

People have many different ways to plan a trip to somewhere else. Some people go for touristic sights, others museums or shopping possibilities. Personally I try to plan my trip after where the good coffee places might be. So I usually try to investigate a little before leaving. The good thing about walking the coffee walk is that it sometimes get me out to areas of the city that I would normally not go, hadn't it been for this specific purpose.
I visited three very nice places. 3rd Floor Coffee which is one of the big coffee supplies for many of Dublin cafe's. Here I ate my breakfast while reading their coffee newspaper and their list of other nice coffee placed in Dublin and Europe.
The Fumbally which was a really nice place with delicious lunch and a beaming atmosphere and Clement and Pekoe who were serving many different sorts of tea and two different coffee roasts. The last place had a nice big bench in front and because the weather was so mild I sat there enjoying my coffee while looking at busy people on their way to work.

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