Saturday, 10 January 2015

Welcome to 2015

Once a new year begins, it is always quite natural to think about change. Is there anything one wants to change, something one wants to add or to disappear from one's life? Personally I must say that at the moment I am quite happy, if things remain as they are for a while. As you might have seen in my recap of 2014, a lot of things happened during last year, and I feel like it is time to stand a bit still and breath. Maybe center and have more focus on the things that are already happening.

Another new years must is resolutions. I talked about them before and this year I made one agreement with myself that I hope I will practice and am able to keep and continue. I decided to try and see if it is not possible to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I can already say it is not an easy task if I want to remain with the same lifestyle as before. There are indeed many of the products I use that comes rapped in something. Also January started with a bit of a cold and a box of Kleenex - I minor step back in my plan. But I think that, if I take small steps at a time, it will within the next year be possible for me to reduce the amount of waste I put in the trash significantly, just by thinking about which product I buy. I hope that next next new year, I can say that I did it and that in the end it was not so hard.

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