Saturday, 19 May 2018

Britzer Garten

While my dad was visiting we took advantage of the good weather and went to Britzer Garden for the afternoon. Even though we live fairly close it has been years since my last visit, but I have always wanted to go in the spring to see the tulip garden.

Britzer Garden in its entirety was much bigger than I thought. I realised that last time we really only saw a fraction of the place. This time we walked from the main entrance all the way to the back, and I could really see, that the garden has a lot of different things to offer. There is water, places to picnic, big green areas, flowers, animals, playgrounds, food and even a train that can take you to distant parts of the park.

We came at the end of the tulip season, and had in been a week later most of the tulips would have been gone, so in this sense we were quite lucky. The tulip garden is rather small, but it was super still beautiful with all its colours and different types of tulips.

I hope that we manage to go later this summer. I found out that there is a water-playground and it would be great to bring Fleur and see what flowers are in season then.

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