Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Saturday Morning Ride

Since the weather is acting so nicely these days, one of my new favourite things to do on Saturday morning, is taking Fleur for a bike ride to The Bread Station. For the past month we have gone and sat there, eating a croissant and having a coffee while watching dogs passing, cyclists riding, and people queuing for the bakery. On the way back we usually hit the playground for at least an hour.

Last saturday I decided to pick up the goods instead (Vincent is back from Armenia and doesn't really enjoy a bike ride or getting up early in the morning). It just so happened that the nice sidewalk in front of The Bread Station has been ruined by a big, ugly scaffold. It is still possible to sit there, but no way as nice as without. Luckily the bread and pastry is super delicious as always, but I guess we'll have to pick up the bread and go somewhere else to eat it for the remaining part of the summer.

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