Friday, 27 November 2015

Flødebolle Making

Not so long ago I had Friederike and Marine over for a Kitchen date to venture yet another unexplored culinary challenge: Flødeboller. I just found out that Flødeboller is actually a Danish invention, and that it was originally made with cream, hence the name Creamball. I also learned that each Dane eat on average 45 of them a year. We put them on ice-creams (This is called An American), which I guess can explain a part of this high number.

I vaguely remember making Flødeboller once in my aunt's kitchen as a child. Then I haven't thought much of it since. But this summer I found a recipe by Johan Bülow, with raspberry foam and liqourice coating, that I knew I had to try out eventually. 

It was a much longer process than I thought it would be. It sounds easy enough to have to make some foam, put it on a piece of marzipan and cover it with chocolate, but it was anything but. To end up with 17 good ones it took us about 3 hours. Though in the process we had fun and learned a couple of tricks for the next time. The result was really delicious, but aesthetics are yet to be improved. 

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