Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Gothenburg Biennale

The main reason for our little getaway to Gothenburg was to see the Gothenburg Biennale. So besides walking the street we also moved slowly inside the exhibition-spaces.

There were two main venues. One located a bit outside the city at Röda Sten, which was a nice walk through the outskirts and along the waterfront. After seeing the exhibition we walked further out and found more marinas, until we took the tram back to the center.

The other venue was in the city center, and after our visit there, we found a little coffee place, where we could sit down and have a drink and a snack. Travel is for me always a nice opportunity to check out the local coffee places, and I often research them before I leave. This one however we stumbled upon on our way around, so it was nice that it ended up being the best coffee I had during our stay.

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