Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Yesterday I went to the cinema to see the latest Tarantino film "Django" before it would only be available on DVD. To be honest I always had a bit of an issue with Tarantino, mostly because I think his films contains to much meaningless violence and lack of plot. But I have to admit that lately I have become a bit of a fan and "Inglorious Bastards" definitely made me want to go and see what "Django" was about despite my previous hesitations regarding him. The violence is no doubt still there but in his last two films he gives it a purpose in his mix of historical fact and fiction, so instead of violence just for the sake of violence it somehow becomes productive.
I don't really know too much about the American Civil war or what was before, and I ask myself if all slave owners were as unsympathetic as portrayed, if there were people who dared to say that they didn't agree with this system of treating people as goods and if there were slaves who rebelled. I can't know what could be true and what is merely schemed in Tarantino's mind but in the end I don't care what is true or not cause I am very entertained. 
It ends up being the ultimate feel good film, because the villains get what they deserve and I left the cinema feeling that justice has been served. On top of that I had a nice reunion with Samuel L. Jackson, who I haven't seen for a while and Christopher Waltz played every bit as brilliant as in Inglorious Bastards.

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