Friday, 28 December 2012

All Alone!

One of the greatest things about Christmas time in London is that the city is almost emptied of people. On Christmas day there is no public transportation running and it is strange to see the streets without any of the red buses.
We went for a walk to get a bit of exercise before sitting down for another meal and was not met by many people. We even had to climb the fence twice to get out of the park as they had just opened one gate.
It has been raining a lot here and so there are puddles everywhere. Somehow I feel bound to being inside since the air outside is wet and cold.
Now London seems more and more back to normal, and today we shall go for a coffee since shops and cafes have started to open again. Yesterday we went to Tate to see the William Klein/Daido Moriyama photo exhibition. Luckily there weren't too many people, which could have been expected with all the tourists and the shops not being open.

Some other people also climbed the fence to get into the park. They were all wearing red and wished us a Merry Christmas

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