Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Dinner For Two!

For me one of the most important thing about Christmas is the food you eat on Christmas eve. This year I wanted to try and prepared a duck because I like the idea of spending a whole day preparing delicious food and then sit down at night and eat it. This doesn't happen that often, in fact maybe only this time a year.
So I got up early to put the duck in the oven and while it was cooking I made all the extras and "risalamande" for dessert. I bought "mandelgaven" in Denmark, which was the HC Andersen fairytale "The Fir Tree". Luckily Vincent got the almond so that the present was a surprise.
One of the other important things is the leftovers. And so yesterday we went for a walk and had leftovers, homemade Chai and "Konfekt" and "Gode Råd".
My father send me two pairs of cards before the holidays so I have been teaching Vincent a game that we have always played on my fathers side of the family.

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