Wednesday, 12 December 2012


This year the snow doesn't really bother me. I think it is because I know I will most lightly only experience it for the week I am here in Denmark. Sure it can be bothersome but when you have no where to be it just looks really beautiful.
One of the things I find most fascination about snow is that every single snowflake is made out is multiple little ice crystals.
The other day when it kept snowing I used some time to capture them up close when they landed on the window. They are so small that it is sometimes hard to catch them with your eye. They are so different from each other, but it is hard to notice because before you know they have already vanished. Therefore it can be nice to have a camera so that moment I can look at it again as long as I want and see every little detail. I see flowers, stars and trees inside them.
What do you see?

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